Self-hypnosis for weight loss can be very helpful if you know how to do it properly. It can be even better if you combine it with exercise and a healthy diet. If you not sure about hypnosis for weight loss, you can read our article below:


self hypnosis for weight loss

For hundreds of thousands of years, hypnosis has been successfully used for fighting various kinds of problems and addictions. It was first mentioned by a Persian physiologist and physician named Ibn Sina (Avicenna), in his work called The book of healing 1027.

Ibn Sina stated in his book that one could induce the condition upon another person in which she or he accepts the reality of hypnosis. It’s mean that you can’t be forced to accept something against your own will.

Let’s make an example, during the hypnosis session, you are listening and understand every word. If it’s something that against your personal view, you’ll either reject the suggestion and discontinue the hypnosis session.

Actually, it is our own choice whether we want to accept that suggestion or not. So, if you want to combine it with weight loss, you need to suggest something that you can accept. Although the result might be not as fast as some type of diet, it is safe and can motivate yourself.

So it’s important for you to have a strong desire to lose weight. Because hypnosis can’t work with something against your will. You need to believe in this technique. If not, you can’t make it happen. Because hypnosis is not magic!

Self-hypnosis for weight loss was used on how to convince your mind to eat healthily, do not overeat, and start doing exercise. Your focus is to tell your subconscious mind to eliminate overeat and to start eating healthy food.

It’s different from telling your mind that you are doing ‘diet’. The word ‘diet’ itself can cause your subconscious mind to rebel and you will crave for comfort food eventually.

Instead, it’s better to softly challenge yourself by practicing not to eat your entire plate. Learn how to eat half your normal food portion. As time passes by, you will leave more and more food. Using these techniques, you are actually sending a suggestion to yourself that you are not overeating anymore.

hypnosis for weight loss

To use this weight loss hypnosis more effectively, you will need to prepare a special script. Prepare your own script, record your own voice read that script in a tape, CD, or mp3. Then listen to your audio voice every single day.

You can make a script focus on your targeted behavior. For example:

Starting from now I won’t overeat anymore, I will not stuff myself with unhealthy food because I want to live healthy, energetic and active. I am in complete control of my eating habits. I will eat healthy balanced food.

Repetition is good, choose your own words carefully. Make at least 5-10 minutes long. Describe your desired behavior that stretches a bit from your normal habit, but don’t change it drastically. If you make it something that you yourself can’t believe it, your mind will rebel against it and no effect for you.

Make it step by step change. As you notice some improvement, push yourself a little further. Rotate the same method.

The crucial part is your openness to suggestion, which is a link back to your willingness to lose weight. If you are not serious enough about losing weight, or you always resist what your script is suggesting, then nothing can help you. If you really want to lose weight, you must help your own self first.

Try to start listening to your script in a relaxed state. Find a good spot at your home and listen to it every day.

As a conclusion, hypnosis is not a magic trick that can make you lose weight. But it’s a great tool to motivate you and help you in your weight loss journey. If you want to better result, combine it with physical exercise and a healthy diet.

You can also try to use hypnosis to help you become more active! Drop a comment if you have some experience to share about this. Good luck!

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