self hypnosis for weight loss

Self-hypnosis for weight loss can be very helpful if you know how to do it properly. It can be even better if you combine it with exercise and a healthy diet. If you not sure about hypnosis for weight loss, you can read our article below:


self hypnosis for weight loss

For hundreds of thousands of years, hypnosis has been successfully used for fighting various kinds of problems and addictions. It was first mentioned by a Persian physiologist and physician named Ibn Sina (Avicenna), in his work called The book of healing 1027.

Ibn Sina stated in his book that one could induce the condition upon another person in which she or he accepts the reality of hypnosis. It’s mean that you can’t be forced to accept something against your own will.

Let’s make an example, during the hypnosis session, you are listening and understand every word. If it’s something that against your personal view, you’ll either reject the suggestion and discontinue the hypnosis session.

Actually, it is our own choice whether we want to accept that suggestion or not. So, if you want to combine it with weight loss, you need to suggest something that you can accept. Although the result might be not as fast as some type of diet, it is safe and can motivate yourself.

So it’s important for you to have a strong desire to lose weight. Because hypnosis can’t work with something against your will. You need to believe in this technique. If not, you can’t make it happen. Because hypnosis is not magic!

Self-hypnosis for weight loss was used on how to convince your mind to eat healthily, do not overeat, and start doing exercise. Your focus is to tell your subconscious mind to eliminate overeat and to start eating healthy food.

It’s different from telling your mind that you are doing ‘diet’. The word ‘diet’ itself can cause your subconscious mind to rebel and you will crave for comfort food eventually.

Instead, it’s better to softly challenge yourself by practicing not to eat your entire plate. Learn how to eat half your normal food portion. As time passes by, you will leave more and more food. Using these techniques, you are actually sending a suggestion to yourself that you are not overeating anymore.

hypnosis for weight loss

To use this weight loss hypnosis more effectively, you will need to prepare a special script. Prepare your own script, record your own voice read that script in a tape, CD, or mp3. Then listen to your audio voice every single day.

You can make a script focus on your targeted behavior. For example:

Starting from now I won’t overeat anymore, I will not stuff myself with unhealthy food because I want to live healthy, energetic and active. I am in complete control of my eating habits. I will eat healthy balanced food.

Repetition is good, choose your own words carefully. Make at least 5-10 minutes long. Describe your desired behavior that stretches a bit from your normal habit, but don’t change it drastically. If you make it something that you yourself can’t believe it, your mind will rebel against it and no effect for you.

Make it step by step change. As you notice some improvement, push yourself a little further. Rotate the same method.

The crucial part is your openness to suggestion, which is a link back to your willingness to lose weight. If you are not serious enough about losing weight, or you always resist what your script is suggesting, then nothing can help you. If you really want to lose weight, you must help your own self first.

Try to start listening to your script in a relaxed state. Find a good spot at your home and listen to it every day.

As a conclusion, hypnosis is not a magic trick that can make you lose weight. But it’s a great tool to motivate you and help you in your weight loss journey. If you want to better result, combine it with physical exercise and a healthy diet.

You can also try to use hypnosis to help you become more active! Drop a comment if you have some experience to share about this. Good luck!

Stay Motivate to Lose Weight

Have you ever want to know what is the best weight loss program right now? Or did you already google it just to know the real answer?

Basically, there is no definite answer to that question. It’s impossible for one weight loss program produces the same result for everyone. You must realize that some weight loss program has a successful result for one group of people but not work really well to the other groups of people, why?

best way to motivate yourself to lose weight

Because we are human, we are different in so many ways. Our body is not the same, our weight is not the same, our willpower, our mindset and etc.

Is it because of those differences we can never achieve our body weight goal? Of course not! If you watch carefully, people who are success with their weight loss program are very motivated to changes. Their mindset is up to the challenges, they chase their own dreams.

So it’s important for you to set up your mind if you want to lose some weight. Your mind controls everything about you. You need to train your mind to stay motivated to lose weight.

This article discusses 5 best way to motivate yourself to lose weight.

1- Make a clear objective of why you want to lose weight

Clearly, define all the reasons why you want to lose weight. Your reason could be anything, want to lead a healthy lifestyle, maybe you want to spend quality time with your grandchildren, looking your best at an important event. Anything…

Just write it down on a piece of paper or keep it on your phone. Try to read it every single day. This can help you to stay committed and motivated to reach your body goal.

Research shows that people are more successful in losing weight simply because of their motivation.

2- Pick a weight loss plan that fits your lifestyle.

Find a weight loss plan that you can commit to. Don’t waste your money and your time on weight loss program that impossible for you to follow for the long term. Living a healthy lifestyle is not a quick fix program. It’s a lifetime commitment.

There is a lot of weight loss program out there, maybe you can try to consider a program that has:

  • Reduce calories intake
  • Reduce portion size
  • Reduce processed food
  • Include fruit and vegetable
  • Online course (if you are a busy person)

Stay out from the program that prevents you to eat your favorite food. It will not stay long with you by the way. Yes, you can eat what you love, the important things are how much you eat that food. Control the portion of the food is the key to a successful diet.

3- Keep a weight loss journal

Planning and monitoring are very crucial if you want to lose weight. It’s also can give you motivation support. But how? It keeps you motivated because you know what you already achieve, this journal keeps all things on track.

One studies also shown that people who are monitoring their food intake are more likely to lose weight and maintain their body weight.

Keep everything in your journal, this includes your breakfast, meal, late night schedule. Plan your diet schedule a week before. This can make things easier for you.

Plus, you can keep your journal on paper or just using web/apps. There all have been proven effective.

4- Focus on process goal

Usually, people only try to set their outcome goals, the goal they want to accomplish at the end. As an example, your goal is you want to lose 30 pounds and become slim again. That is the only goal you want to achieve at that time.

After 1 week, you realize that nothing happens. Then you make a decision that you should stop because this is not working for you. Basically, people fail because of their expectations too high. When the outcome is not as expected, it’s can wreck your motivation.

Instead, you should set a process goal. A combination of a smaller goal is more effective to achieve your bigger goal. An example of a processed goal is going to the gym 3 times a week, eat half a portion of usual food intake, lose 5 pounds every week and more.

A study participates by 126 women in weight loss program found that women who were process focused are more likely to lose weight and less likely to diverge from their diet plan, compared to those who are focusing on weight loss outcomes alone.

5- Find social support

Two heads are better than one. Normal humans often need regular support and positive vibe to stay motivated. It’s better to tell your close family and friends about your weight loss journey. Ask them to give you moral support.

Or ask them to become your weight loss buddy or gym partner. You both can hold each other accountable and encourage each other to achieve your goal.

Moreover, consider joining a support group. Both in person or online have been proven beneficial. It’s a very good idea to have a circle of friends who share the same objective. You will encourage each other and feel motivated.

neuro slimmer system review

Exercise and eat clean are too mainstream for the dieter if they want to lose some weight. We are not saying that exercise and a clean diet is not good. Unfortunately, it is quite hard if you already hit your 30’s and 40’s year of old. It’s become burdensome to you as you need to allocate sometime running or exercise at the same time to manage with your busy schedule.

Other than that, eating healthy food without proper knowledge and planning also will not give you a good result. Sometimes those healthy foods were tasteless and make you craving for sweets. The worst part is, without strong determination, you can easily give up!

Can Hypnosis Really Help You Lose Weight?

Hypnosis works well with weight loss. It does sound ridiculous if this is the first time that you hear about this. But this statement already had been back up by multiple studies in the medical journal. But…

A few studies have evaluated the use of weight-loss hypnosis. Most studies showed only slight weight loss, with an average loss of about 6 pounds (2.7 kilograms) over 18 months. Well, it is true that hypnosis alone will not bring you anywhere.

If you want a better result, you need to combine hypnosis with a healthy lifestyle. If you manage to do this, it can help you to shed off some weight and keep it off longer.  Early studies found that people who used hypnosis loss weight twice more than people who are dieted without therapy.

So how actually hypnosis can help in weight loss?

What is hypnosis?

According to the American Psychological Association, hypnosis is defined as therapeutic techniques conduct by clinicians and makes suggestions to individuals after put them on a focus and relaxing mind.

At this state, those individuals can turn all their attention inside their minds to find and utilize any values within themselves that are worth to help them to make changes or regain control of their lives.

Hypnosis for weight loss, facts or myths?

According to a study that was conducted on 109 people who undergo behavioral treatment for weight loss are divided into two groups which are behavioral treatment with hypnosis and without hypnosis. As a result, the hypnotherapy group continued to lose weight after two years while the control group shows a fewer change in weight.

The most interesting part is, based on analysis of several studies show that individuals who have to undergo cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT) for weight reduction with adding of hypnosis resulted in almost double of the weight loss.

How to lose weight with the use of hypnosis?

Traci Stein, a health psychologist states that hypnosis isn’t meant to be a “diet” but it is a tool that will help the dieter to be a success by eating nutritious food and exercising. Moreover, she says that the hypnosis allows the individuals to overcome their mental barriers in achieving their goals by experiencing in a multi-sensory way what it feels like when they are strong, fit and in control. She also added that hypnosis can actually solve the underlying psychological problem that causes them to hate exercise, experience intense cravings, binge at night or eat mindlessly. In a nutshell, mind control can actually help you to lose some weight.

Lose weight with these 10 ways of hypnosis!

Jean Fain, Harvard Medical School psychotherapist have shared ten hypnotic’s suggestions to lose some weight for us to try.

  1. The answer lies within.

Hypnotherapist believes that you do not need another external factor to push you, it is all within yourselves. It is all about trusting yourselves that you can lose some weight and become more slimming. Even a crash diet or the latest appetite suppressant does not work on you if you are not determined enough to lose weight.

This is so true. Did you know a lot of people out there spend a thousand dollars to buy a diet program or fitness class but still fail to get their ideal weight? Why? Because the problem is within yourself. You are not mentally prepared or lack of motivation, this is why you’re not success. If you are in this group, the first step that you need to make is changing your mindset.

  1. Believing is seeing.

As a human being you tend to achieve what you think you can achieve. Same application with hypnosis. If the subjects have been tricked into believing that they could be hypnotized, they actually do believe it. This expectation of being helped is crucial. It makes them actually believe that their weight loss plan will succeed no matter how hard it is. People believe what they want to believe.

  1. Accentuate the positive.

Instead of using aversive suggestions, try to be more positive. It true that negative suggestions such as “Doughnuts will sicken you” will help you, but it only lasts for a while. Hypnotherapy team consists of Doctors Herbert Spiegel and his son, David Spiegel suggest a most popular positive suggestion: “For my body, too much food is damaging. I need my body to live in. I owe my body respect and protection.” They also suggest their clients write their own encouraging mantras. As a result, one of their clients which are 50-year-old mother lost 50-pound plus after repeat, her mantras daily which are “Unnecessary food is a burden on my body. I’m going to shed what I don’t need.”

  1. If you imagine it, it will come

Visualize victory is yours will eventually prepare you for victorious in reality just like an athlete. Therefore, try to imagine that you eat healthy food in a day. This will make your vision more clearly on what you need to do in order to become a healthy eater. You also can use an old picture of yours with a comfortable weight and try to recall back what you are doing back then to maintain in those weights.

Hypnosis For Weight Loss

  1. Send food cravings flying

In order to overcome food cravings, hypnotherapist suggests the subject to send them up or away by encouraging them to put food that they are craving on fluffy white clouds or in hot air balloon before release it.

  1. Two strategies are better than one.

Hypnotics itself is better working with cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). It helps you a lot in changing your thoughts as well as your behaviors.

  1. Modify, modify, modify.

Milton Erickson, MD, late hypnosis innovator has been pointed out about the necessity of using an existing pattern in altering your diets. For example, try to modify your menu by changing your highest-calorie, ice cream with a cup of frozen yogurt.

  1. Like it or not, it’s survival of the fattest.

Survival instinct is the most powerful feeling and no suggestion is good enough to override it.

  1. Practice make perfect.

You cannot achieve your body goals if you are only going for one hypnosis session and run for just one day. This practice needs to be done repeatedly every day so that it can change your diet. It kills two birds with one stone if you can also change your behavioral during eating such as with slow and natural breath.

  1. Congrats-it’s a relapse.

Hypnosis sees relapse as a good thing, not a distortion. Why it is? Because you can learn a lot of things from relapse. From that, you know how to handle those difficulties in different ways. Thus, it will make you more prepare for any life’s unavoidable temptations.

Can I depend solely on the hypnosis to lose weight?

It is not suggested to depend solely in weight-loss hypnosis because it is less likely to contribute towards a significant weight loss. Try your best to achieve a desirable weight together with a healthy diet and exercise. You can ask some expertise about any other options or changes in lifestyle that you can make. One of the program out there that caught my interest is Neuro Slimmer System.

It’s a hypnotherapy program that focuses on convincing your subconscious mind or reprogramming your brain for weight loss. It teaches you how to reprogram a specific belief, behavior or habit toward food, eating, and your body.

Other than that all the method suggested in this program are natural. Its teaches you to lose weight by using herbs, spies, food, practicing simple body movement, control sugar craving and overcome food addiction. I’ve write a long review about this program, if you are interested you can check it through the link below.



Gastric Band Surgery is one of a series of weight loss surgical procedures. The surgeon places a band around the upper part of your stomach. Your stomach will become smaller like a pouch to hold food. So it’s can limit the amount of food that you take. You feel fuller faster after eating a small portion of food.

Plus, it is approved to use as a weight loss treatment by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

1. What is a gastric band?

Gastric band is a soft adjustable silicone band that was used to hold your stomach. It will create two chambers. One is a small pouch (upper), one is a big pouch (lower). There is a narrow opening between the upper pouch and lower pouch for food restriction.

Through this, your clinician can make a periodic adjustment to your gastric band. Based on your weight loss, food cravings, or any other physical reaction that they seem needed.

2. What is the result of Gastric Banding?

The result of gastric banding is widely varied. It can lead to 35% – 45% of weight loss. For example, someone who is 100 pounds can lose weight up to 35 – 45 pounds after gastric banding surgery. However, it still depends on the person itself. Because gastric banding is not a quick fix for obesity. You still need to diet and exercise after this surgery. If you do not, it may lead to another problem like complications or poor weight loss.

3. Gastric Banding Procedure

People who want to make this surgery should be mentally stable and not dependent on illegal drugs and alcohol. The doctor then will check your BMI (body mass index) to measure whether you are fit or not to take this weight loss surgery. Normally its for people with a BMI of 40 and more from their ideal weight. Or a BMI 35 or more with a serious medical condition that can be improved with weight loss. As an example, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or others.

These procedures can be performed using minimally invasive surgery. The surgery is done using a tiny camera that is placed in your stomach and the surgeon will place the instrument need to perform the surgery. Gastric banding surgery usually will take about 1 hour and requires a one night stay in the hospital.

4. The benefit of Gastric Banding Surgery

It is being considered as the safest and the least invasive weight loss surgery. This procedure also can be reversed, at any time, if necessary. It’s also less painful than open surgical procedures. The other advantage includes:

  • A possibility of long term weight loss.
  • Reduce the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, urinary incontinence and other conditions related to obesity.
  • Faster recovery time.
  • Smaller scar.
  • No loss of nutrient absorption.

5. What are the side effects?

Like any surgical procedure, potential risk and complication can occur. But the risk of death due to gastric banding surgery is 1 in 3000. Although all these possibilities rarely happen, it’s very important if you are aware of them:

  • Nausea and vomiting. These can often be reduced by adjusting the banding tightness.
  • Gastric band erodes through the stomach, whether it slip or mechanical problem (if this happen, it must be removed)
  • The stomach may slip up through the band, or the port shift. If this happens, you may need urgent surgery. According to, between 15 and 60% of patients need re-operation for implant malposition, erosion, frequent vomiting, or weight loss failure. Which is high!
  • Infection in the port, you may need antibiotics or surgery.
  • Vomiting from eating more than your pouch can hold.
  • Other minor surgical complications such as wound infections or minor bleeding. The percentage may be less than 10% of all the time.

Other than gastric banding surgery you can actually try another solution. It was called Gastric banding Hypnotherapy. Gastric Band Hypnotherapy works by convincing your subconscious mind or reprogramming your brain that you are actually having a gastric banding surgery.  It looks like a joke, but people actually do this technique. And it surprisingly worked!

This technique has been back up by multiple studies published in renowned medical journals. I’ve already written a long review about this program. You can check it out the article here: Neuro Slimmer System Review.