Stay Motivate to Lose Weight

Have you ever want to know what is the best weight loss program right now? Or did you already google it just to know the real answer?

Basically, there is no definite answer to that question. It’s impossible for one weight loss program produces the same result for everyone. You must realize that some weight loss program has a successful result for one group of people but not work really well to the other groups of people, why?

Because we are human, we are different in so many ways. Our body is not the same, our weight is not the same, our willpower, our mindset and etc.

Is it because of those differences we can never achieve our body weight goal? Of course not! If you watch carefully, people who are successful with their weight loss program are very motivated to changes. Their mindset is up to the challenges, they chase their own dreams.

So it’s important for you to set up your mind if you want to lose some weight. Your mind controls everything about you. You need to train your mind to stay motivated to lose weight.

This article discusses 5 best way to motivate yourself to lose weight.

1- Make a clear objective of why you want to lose weight

Clearly, define all the reasons why you want to lose weight. Your reason could be anything, want to lead a healthy lifestyle, maybe you want to spend quality time with your grandchildren, looking your best at an important event. Anything…

Just write it down on a piece of paper or keep it on your phone. Try to read it every single day. This can help you to stay committed and motivated to reach your body goal.

Research shows that people are more successful in losing weight simply because of their motivation.

2- Pick a weight loss plan that fits your lifestyle.

Find a weight loss plan that you can commit to. Don’t waste your money and your time on weight loss program that impossible for you to follow for the long term. Living a healthy lifestyle is not a quick fix program. It’s a lifetime commitment.

There is a lot of weight loss program out there, maybe you can try to consider a program that has:

  • Reduce calories intake
  • Changes portion size
  • Lessen processed food
  • Include fruit and vegetable
  • Online course (if you are a busy person)

Stay out from the program that prevents you to eat your favorite food. It will not stay long with you by the way. Yes, you can eat what you love, the important things are how much you eat that food. Control the portion of the food is the key to a successful diet.

3- Keep a weight loss journal

Planning and monitoring are very crucial if you want to lose weight. It’s also can give you motivation support. But how? It keeps you motivated because you know what you already achieve, this journal keeps all things on track.

One studies also shown that people who are monitoring their food intake are more likely to lose weight and maintain their body weight.

Keep everything in your journal, this includes your breakfast, meal, late night schedule. Plan your diet schedule a week before. This can make things easier for you.

Plus, you can keep your journal on paper or just using web/apps. There all have been proven effective.

4- Focus on process goal

Usually, people only try to set their outcome goals, the goal they want to accomplish at the end. As an example, your goal is you want to lose 30 pounds and become slim again. That is the only goal you want to achieve at that time.

After 1 week, you realize that nothing happens. Then you make a decision that you should stop because this is not working for you. Basically, people fail because of their expectations too high. When the outcome is not as expected, it’s can wreck your motivation.

Instead, you should set a process goal. A combination of a smaller goal is more effective to achieve your bigger goal. An example of a processed goal is going to the gym 3 times a week, eat half a portion of usual food intake, lose 5 pounds every week and more.

A study participates by 126 women in weight loss program found that women who were process focused are more likely to lose weight and less likely to diverge from their diet plan, compared to those who are focusing on weight loss outcomes alone.

5- Find social support

Two heads are better than one. Normal humans often need regular support and positive vibe to stay motivated. It’s better to tell your close family and friends about your weight loss journey. Ask them to give you moral support.

Or ask them to become your weight loss buddy or gym partner. You both can hold each other accountable and encourage each other to achieve your goal.

Moreover, consider joining a support group. Both in person or online have been proven beneficial. It’s a very good idea to have a circle of friends who share the same objective. You will encourage each other and feel motivated.