why you should lose weight

There were a ton of good reasons why you should lose your weight. It’s can be to improve your health, reduce the risk of cancer, stay away from diabetes, heart disease and etc. All of it is a good reason for you to lose weight. However, today we will discuss more on weight loss and […]

Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Jean Fain, Harvard Medical School psychotherapist have shared ten hypnotic’s suggestions to lose some weight for us to try. The answer lies within. Hypnotherapist believes that you do not need another external factor to push you to lose weight, it is all within yourselves. It is all about trusting yourselves that you can lose some […]

self hypnosis for weight loss

Self-hypnosis for weight loss can be very helpful if you know how to do it properly. It can be even better if you combine it with exercise and a healthy diet. If you not sure about hypnosis for weight loss, you can read our article below: HYPNOSIS FOR WEIGHT LOSS. FACTS OR MYTH? For hundreds […]

neuro slimmer system review

Exercise and eat clean are too mainstream for the dieter if they want to lose some weight. We are not saying that exercise and a clean diet is not good. Unfortunately, it is quite hard if you already hit your 30’s and 40’s year of old. It’s become burdensome to you as you need to […]

Gastric Band Surgery is one of a series of weight loss surgical procedures. The surgeon places a band around the upper part of your stomach. Your stomach will become smaller like a pouch to hold food. So it’s can limit the amount of food that you take. You feel fuller faster after eating a small […]